For over 25 years under the leadership of our Founder and Executive Director Tammie Lang Campbell, The Honey Brown Hope Foundation, an award-winning, nationally recognized nonprofit, has contagiously spread hope among young people and their families through educational, engaging and informative programs that align with our causes — diversity appreciation, environmental stewardship and civil rights.

We know that a little bit of honey and a lot of hope go a long way.

Hope is kept alive at the Foundation through our initiatives that encourage children to have healthy self-worth, be good stewards of one’s body and environment and appreciate different cultures.

Like honey, we want you to stick around awhile. Stay a bit and take a look at our initiatives, impact and national news coverage.

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To contagiously spread hope among young people through educational, engaging and informative programs that align with our causes.


Civil Rights
Diversity Appreciation
Environmental Stewardship

Impact of Hope

The Foundation's decades of services has: addressed disparaging disciplinary tactics fueling the school-to-prison pipeline; afforded over 5,000 Houston-area youth the opportunity to sit at the feet of civil rights champions; raised over $50,000 for unsung civil rights heroes; influenced legislation in Texas and Hawaii; leveraged distribution of over 200,000 free “We Love America Healthy’ Clean and Green” calendars to motivate communities to be good stewards of the environment; given hundreds of youth an opportunity to express their God-given talents through the arts and theatrical productions that align with the Foundation’s causes; and led the charge to eradicate use of the most inflammatory racial slur, the n-word