Shedding Light on the Past, Working Toward a More Just Future

The Foundation's efforts to address cultural insensitivity have been featured on/in CNN, World News ABC, Manhattan City Hall News, Canada Raw News, Crisis Magazine, The Grio and Texas Monthly Magazine. The Founder and Executive Director Tammie Lang Campbell has also written editorials in the Houston Chronicle and other media outlets to bring about awareness.


2006 | In partnership with the City of Houston Solid Waste Management Department, created the “We Love America Healthy, Clean and Green” annual eco-friendly/diversity calendar series to encourage people of all ages and races to do their part to keep earth and themselves healthy

2014 | Received Key to the City in Jasper, TX after addressing the War on Poverty and Racism at the annual Jasper Pillars of the Community Black History event

2013 | Foundation partnered with Missouri City Mayor to donate revised Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn without the n-word to Fort Bend Library System

2011 | Honored by the state of Hawaii for Anti-N-Word Initiative 

2011 | Committed to buy 1st 100 Huckleberry Finn books without the n-word to promote cultural sensitive literature

2010 | Wrote ‘‘N-word remains far too pervasive” editorial featured in Houston Chronicle

2009 | Organized and held a prayer vigil in Fort Bend to support U.S. President's Back To School Message

2006 | Injected goodwill and optimism in the community after three local high school students of diverse ethnicities vandalized an Islamic Mosque, by creating an ongoing educational initiative in the community called, Connecting with the Diversity in our Community to build bridges of understanding and respect among Muslims and Non-Muslims.

2005 | Served on Harvard University’s Civil Rights Project School-to-Prison Pipeline Roundtable Discussion, titled "Building Capacity for State-Level Advocates to Address the School to Prison Pipeline,” and wrote an editorial called, The School to Prison Pipeline has to be Disconnected”

2005 | Coordinated and presented former Mayor Lee P. Brown's Diversity Celebration; as part of its 365-day Diversity Program, commission a mural in honor of former Mayor Brown called, "Houston In Harmony Celebrating Diversity,” which is on exhibit at the Lee P. Brown Metro Administration Building

2004 | Partnered with John Foster Dulles High School in Fort Bend to create, produce, and present a 365-Day Black History program that included creating and donating a Black History Makers’ Mural, which celebrates history while making history as the first and only one of its kind in Fort Bend ISD. The mural was painted by artist, Doyle Burley.

2002 | Lead a NAACP mediation delegation consisting of national, regional and local representatives to address a racially charged cartoon in the Houston Chronicle regarding slave reparation and the Academy Awards.  Mediation proceedings with the Houston Editorial Board and Jack Sweeney, publisher & president, opened the lines of communication with the paper and the African American community.

2002 – 1999 | Foundation Founder and Executive Director served as the first elected female president of the NAACP-Missouri City & Vicinity Branch and worked diligently with community leaders and public officials to promote fair and equitable treatment of African Americans.

2001 | Collaborated with Smithsonian Institute and K-Mart to bring traveling mobile museum exhibit, "Wade in the Water: African-American Sacred Music Traditions” to Fort Bend for the NAACP Back to School/Stay-in-School Initiative

2000 | Appealed to the Texas Education Association to remove the Confederate flag and symbols from public schools, resulting in TEA sending a statewide notification for the Confederate flag and symbols to be removed.

1997 | Developed and presented "Operation History: Connecting Ancient Egyptians with their descendants, African Americans," in conjunction with the Museum of Fine Arts’ Splendors of Ancient Egypt Exhibit

1997 | Addressed a racially charged classroom assignment called, "Blond, Beautiful and Intelligent" which resulted in an apology from the teacher and Fort Bend ISD school district, the worksheet being discontinued and a district wide diversity committee being implemented.