Take the #AntiFoodWaste Pledge
For the 10th anniversary of “We Love America Healthy, Clean and Green", the calendar will use photos from youth, an Anti-Food-Waste Pledge and environmental tips to remind everyone that a "Healthy, Clean and Green" America is one where its citizens thrive, have access to healthy food and viable options to reduce food waste.

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"Eyes on the Prize: Celebrating the 1964 Civil Rights Act 50th Anniversary"

The multifaceted tribute resulted in Sarah Collins Rudolph, the "Fifth Little Girl," and lone survivor of the Ku Klux Klan 16th Street Baptist Church Birmingham, Alabama bombing in 1963, receiving $11,000 and future in-kind post traumatic counseling from Dr. Janice Beal, a 20 year clinical psychologist. Click here to read more.

Honey Brown Hope Foundation Celebrates 20 Years

The Honey Brown Hope Foundation marked its 20th Anniversary with an evening of celebration. The event's theme was "With Hope and Faith, We've Come This Far." The guest speaker for the anniversary celebration was actor Dr. Clifton Davis, who is best known for the series "That's My Mama." A real life minister, Davis also portrayed a minister on the prime time series "Amen" and is featured on a regular basis on TBN network. Click here to read more.