{2007-present} Create the “We Love America Healthy, Clean and Green” annual eco-friendly/diversity calendar series to encourage people of all ages and races to do their part to keep earth and themselves healthy (In partnership with the City of Houston Solid Waste Management Department).

{2007-present} Provide on-going healthy self-worth and mutual respect programs to promote healthy minds and attitudes as well as educate high school students about the negative impact of using derogatory racial slurs.

{2009} On 09/07/09 organized and held a prayer vigil in support of U.S. President's Back To School Message that was featured in Local (Fox News)  and World News (Raw Story News Outlet in Canada).  

{2008} On 11/01/08 wrote, produced and directed an educational voter empowerment teleplay called, Sir Brown’s Ruff Ride-to-Vote (Partnered with Jack J. Valentine School of Communication at University of Houston, Texas Southern University’s Debate Team, Community Education Partner (CEP) and Houston ISD’s Instructional Media Services TV to present this teleplay. This teleplay was featured at Community Education Partners’ Beechnut Campus, an alternative school in Houston Independent School District, televised on Houston’s My-20 TV on October 25, 2008 and aired on Houston Independent School District’s Media Service channel during January and February 2009.

    {2008} Hosted and sponsored the nationally acclaimed, “Prince Among Slaves” Houston PBS documentary.                       

    {2000-2007} Created “A Youthful Perspective of Houston” calendar series in partnership with H-E-B, Kraft Foods and Colgate Palmolive, which was designed to plant positive seeds of healthy attitudes for diversity. Over 84,000 calendars were given to the public in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday and Black History Month.

{2007} Organized and hosted a Back-to-School Pep Rally on September 11, 2007 called, “Pep Up To Pep Down Name Calling” at Gregory Lincoln Education Center in Houston.

    {2006} Injected goodwill and optimism in the community after three local high school students of diverse ethnicities vandalized an Islamic Mosque, by creating an ongoing educational initiative in the community called, “Connecting with the Diversity in our Community” to build bridges of understanding and respect among Muslims and Non-Muslims.

{2005} Commissioned a mural in honor of former Mayor Brown called, "Houston In Harmony Celebrating Diversity,” which is on exhibit at the Lee P. Brown Metro Administration Building. The mural was painted by artist, Doyle Burley.

{2004} Partnered with John Foster Dulles High School in Sugar Land, Texas to create, produce, and present a 365-Day Black History program that included creating and donating a Black History Makers’ Mural, which celebrates history while making history as the first and only one of its kind in Fort Bend ISD. The mural was painted by artist, Doyle Burley.

{2002} Wrote, produced, directed, and presented a play titled, "Sir Brown’s Promise,” a dramatic presentation especially created to complement the NAACP Voter Empowerment Program at the 2002 National NAACP Convention in Houston, Texas.

{2001} Collaborated with Smithsonian Institute and K-Mart to bring the traveling mobile museum exhibit, "Wade in the Water: African-American Sacred Music Traditions” to Texas in conjunction with the NAACP Back to School/Stay-in-School Initiative. 

{2000} Developed and implemented Mayor Lee P. Brown’s Young/Grand Pals Summer Enrichment Program, an interactive fine arts youth and senior summer program designed to build bridges of understanding and friendship between youth/seniors.

{1999} Coordinated, promoted, and presented Mayor Lee P. Brown’s Diversity Celebration in commemoration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; held on the steps of Houston City Hall featuring over 37 different cultures to promote principles of racial harmony, gender equality and human nobility.  

{1998} Created, coordinated, promoted, produced and directed a thirty-minute dramatic presentation in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. titled, When Dreamers - Become Doers; participants shared their talents through dance, music, and drama that was featured on KPRC Channel 2 Morning program in the Houston Chronicle.

{1997} Developed and presented "Operation History: Connecting Ancient Egyptians with their descendants, African Americans”, a Black History program in conjunction with the Museum of Fine Arts Houston's Splendors of Ancient Egypt Exhibit that was featured on KHOU Channel 11 news and in the Houston Chronicle

{1994-1996} Chaired Fort Bend Independent School District’s Diversity Committee, responsibilities included motivating, organizing, training, and recruiting committee members to host an event that highlighted the diverse ethnic cultures of Fort Bend.


{2014} The "Eyes on the Prize: Celebrating the 1964 Civil Rights Act 50th Anniversary" tribute resulted in Sarah Collins Rudolph, the "Fifth Little Girl," and lone survivor of the Ku Klux Klan 16th Street Baptist Church Birmingham, Alabama bombing in 1963, receiving $11,000. Click here to read more.

{2011} Hawaii and Texas Lawmakers Honor Honey Brown Hope Foundation's Founder/Executive Director for N-Word Initiative

{2011} Purchased first 100 revised Huckleberry Finn books without the n-word to donate to select schools.

{2010} Conducted What’s in a Name? Racial Stereotyping Survey.

{2007} On 07/07/07, buried the “N-word” slur and put it in its place (buried in history) that included New York’s City Councilman, Leroy Cormier.

{2002} Lead a NAACP mediation delegation consisting of national, regional and local representatives to address a racially charged cartoon in the Houston Chronicle regarding slave reparation and the Academy Awards.  Mediation proceedings with the Houston Editorial Board and Jack Sweeney, publisher & president, opened the lines of communication with the paper and the African American community.

{1999-2002} Served as the first elected female president of the NAACP-Missouri City & Vicinity Branch and worked diligently with community leaders and public officials to promote fair and equitable treatment of African Americans.

{2000} Appealed to the Texas Education Association to remove the Confederate flag and symbols from public schools, resulting in TEA sending a statewide notification for the Confederate flag and symbols to be removed.

{2000} Organized and presented a statewide unity prayer vigil to address a 7-Foot Cross Burning in Katy, Texas on Juneteenth.

{1999} Assisted Mrs. Daisy L. Gaston Bates, mentor to the Little Rock Nine, and her family prior to Ms. Bates' death.

{1997} Protested against a racially charged classroom assignment called, "Blond, Beautiful and Intelligent" which resulted in an apology from the teacher and Fort Bend ISD, the worksheet being discontinued and a diversity appreciation program being implemented.  Additionally, the incident was featured in the Texas Monthly Magazine, Crisis Magazine and on the national  “World News Today” ABC.

{1991-1993} First to petition against Webster's definition of "Nigger" in 1991; resulting in the NAACP Region Six adopting it as a resolution and presenting it at the National NAACP Conference, and Merriam Webster Dictionary revising the definition in the 1993 edition.