Tammie Lang Campbell is a revered activist who made a quantum leap from rural Mississippi to become a nationally recognized civil rights leader and founder of the Honey Brown Hope Foundation.

Many Texans know Tammie Lang Campbell from a variety of perspectives: Founder and Executive Director of the Honey Brown Hope Foundation; champion of education, family, and civil rights; author; speaker; and simply as #MommaCampbell.

In a climate where the marginalized are left feeling hopeless by the bitterness of social and environmental injustices, her organization, The Honey Brown Hope Foundation, she plants seeds of hope through its work offering programming, resources and support that align with its causes: civil rights; diversity appreciation and environmental stewardship. Founded in 1991, the organization is a nationally recognized, award-winning 501(c) 3 non-profit that plants seeds of hope from the schoolhouse to the courthouse and jailhouse.

Through the Foundation, Campbell:

  • Provides strategic guidance for students' families who need support addressing excessive and wrongful punishment.
  • Advocates for policy reform, having influenced legislation in Texas and Hawaii.
  • Serves on education task forces that set policy agendas.
  • Creates prescriptive toolkits.
  • Pens editorials.
  • Leverages award-winning “We Love America Healthy, Clean and Green” calendars as a 365-day environmental stewardship learning tool s. 
  • Creates awareness-based programs that inspire communities and corporate entities to take care of the water, land, air and food sources they need to survive. 
  • Hosts "History Talks" that shares the triumphant, untold history of leaders, martyrs and champions of civil rights with over 5,000 Houston-area youth and their families. 


Optimism and activism fueled by faith is who Tammie Lang Campbell is. She is a revered, nationally recognized civil rights leader who puts the ACT in ACTivism. She is a woman who has the audacity to believe her efforts can make a difference – which they undoubtedly have. 

Campbell is a graduate of Alcorn State University and considers her two adult children, Shar-day and Dennis Jr., as her greatest blessings.

Affiliations | Recognition | Media Highlights

Notable Affiliations

  • Harvard University’s Civil Rights Project: School-to-Prison Pipeline Roundtable
  • First Female President of NAACP-Missouri City & Vicinity Branch
  • Education Chair of Texas State NAACP Conference  
  • Senior Fellow of the American Leadership Forum Houston/Gulf Coast Chapter: Class XLIX
  • Fort Bend District Attorney Brian Middleton Criminal Justice Committee Chair
  • Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg’s Transition Team



Campbell is the recipient of the following awards: Aetna Insurance/ Magic Johnson, KPRC Local 2 Jefferson, Top 25 Women of Houston, The Houston Sun’s Woman of Power and Purpose, Jasper, TX Key to the City, YMCA Minority Achievers, North Houston Frontiers’ Drum Major, Anti-Defamation League and National NAACP-Kraft Foods Image. In 2005 and 2006, Campbell was recognized in Sophisticate’s Black Hair Magazine as the “Role Model Beyond Beauty”, among celebrities: Gabrielle Union, Beyoncé, Oprah, Halle Berry, Patti LaBelle and civil rights leader, Rosa Parks. She has also been recognized by both Texas and Hawaii House of Representatives.

Media Highlights

She is a sought after mediator, speaker and social commentator who has written editorials for the Houston Chronicle and has been featured on/in countless state and local media outlets. Her efforts to address cultural insensitivity have been featured nationally on/in CNN, World News ABC, Manhattan City Hall News, Crisis Magazine, The Grio and Texas Monthly Magazine.