No Trashing Trash Workers Campaign

The Honey Brown Hope Foundation’s “No Trashing Trash Workers Campaign,” sponsored by Frost Bank, is hosted during “Waste and Recycling Workers Week,” June 17-24.


The commemorative week calls for everyone to:

  • Navigate carefully around garbage trucks because many accidents resulting in death or injuries are due to reckless drivers hitting garbage collectors.

  • Not fill or pack trash cans over capacity.

  • Wrap broken glass in newspaper before tossing it in the trash.

  • Sort recycling properly.

  • Not parking and blocking garbage truck on trash day.

  • Not leaving smelly or hazardous mess in an unsuitable container or bag.


Everyone is encouraged to join in the weeklong celebration by thanking trash collectors with a gift card, thank you note, a cold bottle of water on a hot day or just an in-person thank you.

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